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Best time to Visit Nepal

As a traveler, if you ask people “When is the best time to travel to Nepal?” most of the times, the answer would be at the time of October and December. This is because of the fact that the skies are clear, the views of mountains look spectacular, and the weather remains dry as well.

Just 3 months of favorable time duration to travel to Nepal? How on earth can that be true? Well, that’s not true at all. Nepal welcomes its travelers and trekkers all year around.

Doesn’t a mountain look awesome when it is covered with clouds and only the peaks are visible? Who says no? It certainly looks captivating.

It’s just the matter of time and preference of a traveler. It is not precise to make a common statement about the weather in Nepal during the certain season. The regional differences make temperature and weather vary to a huge extent in different regions.

In the southern part of Nepal i.e. in the plain Terai region, the temperature can be around 30-degree centigrade while on the very day the temperature in Everest Base Camp can be in negative.

So, this is also a reason why Nepal has diverse options for travelers as per the preferences and suitability of the travel destinations. And we are going to prove the statement in this post. Here we go!

Traveling to Nepal during December – February

Cold Temperature in the Everest Basecamp region

December to February is the winter season in Nepal. The temperature reaches almost to the freezing point during the time. In the high altitudes, especially in the high hills and mountain regions, the places witness rough weather and sometimes even heavy snowfall. However, the weather is pleasant during the day.

In the Terai region, the southern part of Nepal, it is worth traveling during that time because the morning is foggy and is paradise for photography lovers. Chitwan National Park in Chitwan district is one of the places, which is even enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site can be the best options for those who look to explore wildlife and nature. This place offers amazing sights of endangered animals including one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger, and crocodile and so on.

This season is also great to hike around Kathmandu valley. Pokhara and Kathmandu welcome tourist all year around with charismatic travel spots. This is also the time when one can witness awesome panoramic views and quieter trekking trails.
The foothills of Nepal, below 4,000 meters are great to visit during the time of winter. Also, the short treks in Nepal are great preferences to make for the winter season. Some of the people even believe that it is the best time of the year to trek to the lower part of Everest region. The plains including Chitwan and Bardia National Parks have moderate temperatures and are absolutely gorgeous in winter.

Festivals celebrated during December to February

  • Maghe Sankranti – It usually falls in the mid of January. The festival is expected to bring the end of the cold weather and people eat foods, which give warmth to the bodies.
  • Lhosar – Lhosar is a New Year celebration among Sherpa people and Tibetans. They celebrate this with the joy and happiness of their family and relatives with music and dance. This festival is celebrated in the month of February.
  • Yomari Punhi – This festival is very popular among Newari community people. Yomari Punhi started to be celebrated as a blessing to the deities for helping cultivators with fine crops. A typical Newari food called Yomari made up of flour along with dissolved sugar is eaten in this day. This festival falls in December.

Traveling to Nepal during March to May

Sunset in the beautiful fewa lake, during spring

March is considered to be the month when the spring begins. Temperature starts to rise during this time. Days are considerably longer than in the winter. This season is more feasible for trekking.

May is warm compared to other months but rains at times. Spring season is also called the season of rhododendron. While trekking to the higher altitude you can see the forests colored with red because of this eye-catching blooming flower.

In spring, it is ideal time to cross high passes like Thorang La Pass in Annapurna Circuit Trek, Larkya Pass on Manaslu Circuit, Kongma La Pass and also trek to the high viewpoints of Nepal such as Kala Pattar and Gokyo Ri in the Everest Region.

Bardiya in the southern west part of Nepal is hot but offers the best time for tiger sights. Thamel in Kathmandu is travelers’ hotspot as always.

Festivals celebrated during March to May;

  • Holi – Holi is known as the festival of colors. The Holi festival is believed to have started when the demoness Holika was killed and burnt into ashes. During the festival, people would splash colors and water among friends and people. This festival falls in between the month of March.
  • Maha Shivaratri – Maha Shivaratri is one of the major festivals of Nepalese people, especially Hindus and is celebrated during March. Hindus gather around the holy Bagmati River and worship Lord Shiva. The Sadhus, the holy men are the center of attraction at the time because of their unique appearance.
  • Nepali New Year – Nepal celebrates its New Year during the month of April. Huge celebration parties are held in the major cities like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, etc. with many cultural and religious programs and festivals.
  • Buddha Jayanti – Buddha Jayanti is celebrated in May. Festival is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Lord Buddha.
  • Ghode Jatra – Somewhere between March and April, Ghode Jatra, a festival of horses is celebrated.

Traveling to Nepal during June to August

Crocodile during the monsoon season in terai of Nepal

June to August is the monsoon season in Nepal. Days are warm, wet and humid. The southern part is too hot at the time. It is amazingly great to look at the clear sceneries after a downpour. A city tour is highly recommended during this time.

And trekking can also be done but surely is going to be a bit of adventurous one because of rains and unpredictability. But this is how the real travel feels, isn’t it? Hands up for each and every kind of travels!

If you don’t like traveling in the rainy weather, you can still opt to travel around the rain shadow regions of the Himalayas, which are Manang, Mustang, Dolpo and the higher Everest regions.

Festivals celebrated during June to August

  • Yarthung Horse Festival – This festival takes place in June in Manang.
  • Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra – These festivals are celebrated in the month of August. In Gai Jatra, people are seen with distinctive color paintings as figures of cows. Similarly, the Janai Purnima is the festival that marks bond of purity and security.
  • Krishna Janmashtami – Krishna Janmashtami falls in the month of August. The festival is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna; the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is worth visiting Krishna centric temples all over the country but the major ones are located in Kathmandu and Patan.
  • Teej – Teej is the festival of Women which falls in the month of August/September. Married women fast and pray for the longevity of their husband whereas unmarried women pray for a good future husband.

Traveling to Nepal during September to November

Clear view of Gokyo lake with clear sky

September to November is considered as the autumn season in Nepal. The end of heavy downpour welcomes the clear skies in the monsoon. The season invites some of the major festivals as well.

The season is ideal for trekking to the higher altitudes making easier for trekkers because of pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes. The weather is pleasant, neither cold nor hot.

The trekkers can choose to go any of the trekking destinations during this season because all of the trekking sites offer pleasant and soothing memories for its travelers.

Festivals celebrated during September to November

  • Dashain – Dashain is the most important festival of Hindus and is celebrated during late September or early October. Festival of Dashain stresses the unity of people and the spirit of universal brotherhood. People worship the goddess Durga and animals such as sheep, buffalo, goats, and chickens are killed as offerings/sacrifice to gods.
  • Tihar – Tihar is the second most important festival among Hindu people. Tihar is celebrated during the late October or early November. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth along with dogs, cows, and crows are worshipped during this festival. This festival is called as the festival of lights because of attractive lights used.


You can visit Nepal at any time of the year. But the certain season is best for certain reason. You will always have a place to visit in any season in Nepal. You will never be disappointed, no matter when you arrive. Depending on your preferences, when do you like to visit Nepal?

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